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Our advanced tracking technology makes it easy to locate your deliveries in real-time. 


NANIS Logistics is a secure cannabis transportation company that caters to the Illinois industry. Founded in 2019, our experts help companies establish custom transportation protocols to enhance reliability and security. We understand the importance of maintaining product standards, from cultivation to distribution and everywhere in between. Focusing on efficient and economical deliveries, NANIS Logistics ensures a seamless and secure process carefully crafted to meet the customer’s needs. By combining advanced security technology with our robust service offerings, NANIS Logistics is an industry leader in cannabis transportation, accommodating all cannabis, or non-cannabis, companies. 

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Affordable Pricing For Best In Class Service! 


Transportation procedures and protocols are paramount to the success of your company. By prioritizing your transportation, NANIS Logistics has more time to develop custom protocols, adding security and reliability to the entire process. Additionally, our all-encompassing services cater to the entire cannabis industry. Regardless of what stage your company is in, our experts can create custom solutions to fit your company's needs. 



Package Delivery

To support the growth of the legal cannabis industry by providing cultivators, infusers, and dispensaries with reliable, secure transportation. We truly believe the legalization and regulation of cannabis saves lives by keeping products safe. Expansion of the legal market ensures the legitimacy of products for both businesses and consumers alike. Our goal is to be recognized as a premier industry leader with dependable cannabis transportation solutions.