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Logistics entails the understanding, planning, and execution of transporting goods from one point to another. NANIS Logistics focuses on optimizing your transportation, ensuring maximum security for your valuables. ​​We specialize in secure Illinois cannabis transportation and also cater to non-cannabis industries. No matter your valuables, we have the expertise to customize a transportation route complete with safety procedures and protocols fit for your place of business.

Maximize Efficiency 

Every company is structured differently, so we prioritize managing your valuables through protocol planning, procedures, and safe, effective storage and transportation. Our secure transportation services offer a number of benefits, including:


  • Risk mitigation

  • Comprehensive planning 

  • Reliable account representatives

  • Innovative technology 

  • Supply chain optimization (SCO)

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Strengthen Vendor Partnerships 


Through our efforts, our customers are building long-lasting relationships with their vendor partners as they continue receiving reliable deliveries and logistic services. Our dependability enhances their trust in their sender, which makes it easy to continue doing business together. By helping our customers with coordination, they’re able to focus on ensuring their valuables remain their priority. We take the pressure off of planning and maintaining all the moving parts so that you can continue running your business without any disruptions.

Industry Insights 

Account analysis is key to maintaining optimization. NANIS Logistics doesn’t just set up your account; we analyze and make modifications along the way. Your assigned account representative will assess any challenges, strengths, and areas of weakness and then make changes that will effectively enhance your business protocols. Logistics and transportation come with a lot of moving parts, and your initial protocol plan might not remain efficient months or even years later. It’s imperative that our professionals periodically analyze your account to ensure your practices remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends, challenges, and best practices.​

Analyzing the data
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