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Real-Time Tracking and Sharing

NANIS Logistics sets the standard for Illinois cannabis transportation companies by going one step further when it comes to advanced technology. We provide our clientele with top-notch security through innovative features such as real-time tracking, delivery notification updates, and live driver video streaming, By going beyond transportation basics, NANIS Logistics optimizes the customer’s experience to ensure you can remain focused on producing your valuables while we take care of the rest.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking lets you know where your driver is at all times and always feel in control of your valuables. Navigate the streets of Illinois along with your driver to get a comprehensive understanding of our delivery protocols. Our customers can also choose to share real-time tracking features with their receivers, enhancing the overall delivery experience for both parties. This creates a smooth and seamless process by ensuring the receiver is prepared for their delivery, keeping them in the loop of any delays, unexpected events, or rescheduling. Shared tracking information will enhance your customer service experience with your receivers by reducing redundant calls or conversations if delivery hasn’t arrived yet. With real-time tracking, both the sender and receiver can remain focused on their job at hand.

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Our real-time tracking also features notifications that alert both you and your receiver where your valuables are. Once turned on, our automatic notifications include:

  • 30-minute arrivals

  • Sender facility departures

  • Any unexpected changes to the route (e.g., weather, construction detours/roadwork, traffic delays, etc.)

  • Updated delivery time estimates

  • Successful deliveries 


We understand that not everyone has the time to watch their deliveries en route. Notifications make transportation convenient by allowing you to focus on your business and valuables while also staying in the loop of recent activity.

Live Driver Videos

Our vehicles are equipped with live videos inside and outside for the ultimate peace of mind. We understand the importance of prioritizing security, and with live video streams, our customers can get a glimpse into their delivery process. Our drivers are highly trained professionals who handle our customer’s valuables with care. Our inside cameras allow you to join them on their rides, while our outside cameras trace exterior activities and add an extra layer of protection. In the event an incident occurs, our live videos provide documentation for the authorities to protect our drivers, your valuables, and the rest of the Illinois community. 

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