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Cannabis-infused products offer a variety of ways to consume both recreational and medicinal cannabis. From gummy candies to lotions and even cooking seasonings, the infuser industry has expanded quite vastly over the years. With so many unique products on the market, secure and reliable transportation services are vital to the success of infusers. 

Tailored Product Services 

At NANIS Logistics, your valuables receive specialized care fitting to your product’s needs. Not all valuables require the same treatment; we take all specifications into consideration when structuring a custom plan for your company from the start. Perhaps your THC-infused chocolates need refrigerated transportation or your THC-infused taco seasoning needs resealable packaging, we go the extra mile to serve our clients by keeping up with their products. NANIS Logistics caters to all cannabis-infused companies, servicing products like: 


  • Candy (gummies, hard candies, etc.) 

  • Baked goods (brownies, cookies, chocolates, etc.) 

  • Beauty/Spa ( lotions, makeup, skincare) 

  • Beverages (sodas, teas, coffee) 

  • Household (hemp candles, essential oils, etc.)


Reduced Risks and Costs 

Improper handling of cannabis-infused valuables can lead to negative customer experiences, potentially jeopardizing your brand name. NANIS Logistics removes risks associated with in-house transportation services, helping to protect your company’s reputation while you remain focused on infusing cannabis products. By choosing NANIS Logistics to handle and deliver your valuables with care, you’re avoiding risks such as


  • Fleet maintenance and upkeep

  • License and permit costs 

  • Liability and insurance 

  • Staff shortages

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • Improper handling and storage 

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction


The relationships you build are essential to the continued success of your business. When your valuables arrive in perfect condition, it ensures the consistency of your company and product, keeping your customers happy every time. Maintaining successful Illinois cannabis transportation services adds more responsibilities and costs, making it easier for infusers to outsource to secure companies like NANIS Logistics.  



Image by Fernando Andrade


Dark Chocolate Chunks


Image by Pratiksha Mohanty


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