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Cannabis cultivation requires diligence to ensure the production of perfect crops. From nutrient research to a timely plant feeding schedule, cultivators pay close attention to details to ensure a first-class crop. Just like attentive cultivators, NANIS Logistics goes the extra mile to provide superior service. While they toil over their plants, we focus on routes, security protocols, and everything in between.

Partnership Advantages 

We consider our cultivator relationships as more of a partnership. The more you grow, the more you transport, making our services that much more vital to the success of your business. By partnering with NANIS Logistics, we’ll take the administrative burden off your shoulders. Through careful planning and understanding of the cannabis industry as a whole, our professionals will reduce the responsibilities of your team having to make schedules themselves. Instead, we will anticipate, confirm, and execute your transport in the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective manner. By prioritizing your end goal, we take the hard work off your plate.

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Cannabis Crop Knowledge 

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NANIS Logistics goes beyond basic transportation and logistics services by prioritizing industry awareness and insight. Our professionals are trained to fully understand and utilize their knowledge of your industry to implement better practices and standards that benefit your company. Crop cycles don’t run like clocks with perfect schedules; they’re living, breathing organisms that work on their own time. Plant knowledge allows us to anticipate cycles to provide our resources when they’re needed the most. By analyzing your company's production, we can provide the best service solutions possible.

Integrated Transportation 

Cultivation transportation isn't always as simple as farm-to-market, requiring multiple steps and routes. We assist our cultivators with transportation to:



Cultivators have the most strenuous transportation needs by far when compared to other industries. NANIS Logistics can reduce the risks and burdens associated with in-house Illinois cannabis transportation, including staff shortages, unexpected costs (e.g., gas, vehicle maintenance), security threats and breaches, and more.

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