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Candle Packaging

Adjacent Industries

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be grown as hemp or for CBD aside from its psychedelic properties. Marijuana plant byproducts can be used to manufacture a multitude of products, including:


  • CBD (oils, edibles, topical products, pet products, etc.)

  • Delta 8 and Delta10 products

  • Hemp (textiles, candles, lotions, etc.) 


These products require the same secure transportation as any cannabis business. Our adjacent industries undergo the same planning and protocols from the start of onboarding. Our professionals understand the importance of ensuring high-quality standards, which is why each of our customers establishes customized procedures fit for their business needs.

Secure Transportation Benefits 

As your trusted third-party secure transportation company, NANIS Logistics reduces costs and risks our customers would otherwise face if they chose in-house transportation services. By leaving your transportation needs in our hands, you’re enhancing your own business by remaining focused on your production instead. Our professionals will help you build and implement a plan custom to your company’s needs with benefits such as:


  • Proper valuable handling and storage

  • Covered licensing and permitting costs

  • Vehicle maintenance and upkeep 

  • Minimize staff shortages 

  • Reduce scheduling conflicts 

  • Fully insured

Delivery Van
Zero Waste Store

Other Industries 

NANIS Logistics doesn’t just specialize in cannabis transportation but also has the versatility to customize services for any industry. Our professionals will form a plan ensuring that your valuables are delivered with care. Whether your business is in the cannabis industry or not, we can cater to your needs and build a plan that will ensure safe and secure transportation solutions for your valuables.

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