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Delivery Van

Our Services

NANIS Logistics provides clients with a wide range of Illinois cannabis transportation and security services. Regardless of your business, our professionals customize your experience from start to finish to meet the specialized needs of your business. We understand the importance of maintaining product quality standards, which is why our fleet is designed with the customer in mind. NANIS Logistics ensures your valuables are delivered with the utmost care through reliable services, including real-time tracking, live driver monitoring cameras, pattern detection prevention, and more.


How Does It Work? 

During the onboarding process, NANIS Logistics establishes a personalized program for your company. Our professionals begin by familiarizing themselves with your facilities and personnel to establish the best security protocols and practices. Next, they craft a customized combination of our service offerings, making it easy to ensure a seamless delivery process from farm to market, and everywhere in between. After building a program, you can begin scheduling deliveries!


Our deliveries are on time, every time! Focusing on optimizing the customer experience, NANIS Logistics alleviates the administrative burdens of cannabis transportation and logistics.










Let us deliver for you!

Learn more about how NANIS Logistics can help your company meet your transportation, security, and compliance needs. Click on a service below for more information.  

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