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NANIS Logistics ensures that your valuables are delivered on time, every time. Licensed to transport cannabis and non-cannabis products in Illinois, our professionals understand the importance of maintaining product quality standards from farm to market and everywhere in between. NANIS Logistics helps you build an Illinois cannabis transportation program that fits your company’s unique needs while preserving your brand standards. Our delivery team members are often the first point of contact between your valuables and your receiver, making the transportation process one of the most important decisions you make for your company. 

Route Customization

Each of our customer’s routes is customized to enhance efficiency, taking into account traffic, road construction, weather, and other common obstructions. From the very beginning, your routes are carefully calculated and planned so you won’t have to worry about their whereabouts. Your valuables always remain the priority whether you have one or more scheduled deliveries.

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En Route Procedures

As soon as our vehicles depart your facilities, you’re immediately notified of their tracking status. This allows our customers to track their valuables throughout the entire route. Your delivery destination receiver also has access. Additionally, our fleet is equipped with individual, live driver cameras

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Fleet Safety

Before a scheduled pickup, every vehicle in our fleet is thoroughly inspected. NANIS Logistics employees are trained to ensure the utmost safety of our team members, our customer’s valuables, and others on the road around us. It’s our priority to provide the safest routes possible. We’re proud to say that we work hand-in-hand with local police in every jurisdiction in Illinois and the state police to ensure a seamless operation. 

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Delivery Expectations

We understand how stressful it is to await delivery status, which is why our professionals take the time to fully scope and plan delivery procedures and protocols with your client’s facilities. Our onboarding sessions include delivery planning, where we outline personalized delivery procedures with each receiving facility you contract with. This includes specific delivery/vehicle parking locations, establishing primary contacts, unloading protocols, etc. It’s vital that NANIS Logistics meticulously outlines these procedures, going above and beyond your standard doorstep deliveries. 

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