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The NANIS Advantage

Secure Cannabis Transportation Made Easy

NANIS Logistics is licensed and ready to fulfill all your transportation needs. We understand the importance of maintaining product quality standards, and our company remains dedicated to preserving your brand integrity. Our professionals go beyond the normal procedures to enhance delivery efficiencies and maintain a proper chain of custody and all-around compliance. 

Package Delivery

The NANIS Advantage 

NANIS Logistics provides secure Illinois Cannabis Transportation solutions. As an all-encompassing company, we’ll cater to your specific cannabis or non-cannabis, transportation, and logistics needs. Our professionals utilize innovative security and technology measures, creating an exceptional and customized experience every time. 

Cost Benefits

Plain and simple, we reduce the costs of transportation for our clients. Besides the costs for insurance, permits, vehicle maintenance, and upkeep, there are additional costs like executive time, training, and benefits that a company has to incur to properly and securely transport cannabis. The cost of improperly transporting can be high. These costs can include fines or loss of valuables, among others. With professional transportation, you’re further protecting your valuables while also reducing costs.

Risk Mitigation 

  • Safe and maintained vehicles

  • Highly-Trained Drivers

  • Customized pickup and delivery protocols Real-time valuables tracking 

  • We retain liability


  • Insured 

  • Drivers Carry IDOA Badges  

  • Complaint with Illinois State Police guidelines

  • Armed 

  • Licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture

  • Reviewed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 


The cannabis industry is ever-changing with both federal and state laws and regulations. From permits to licenses, record keeping, and cash flow, owning a cannabis business entails an abundance of compliance management. Why worry about compliance when transporting? The risk of operating outside of compliance is high in this industry, including losing your insurance or even your license. NANIS Logistics remains up-to-date with the latest regulations, laws, and changes so that you don’t have to. Our professionals ensure you meet compliance across all channels.

Social Equity

NANIS Logistics is qualified under Illinois’ Social Equity Program. Latino-owned and operated,  a portion of our profits is returned back to the community in the form of donations to organizations that help those disproportionately harmed by the unjust war on cannabis. Illinois Cannabis Social Equity Program helps develop opportunities and connect persons interested in participating in the Illinois cannabis business industry who have been historically impacted by arrests or imprisonment on cannabis offenses. 

The Extra Mile

We make it our priority to ensure our customers receive the utmost care. Unlike our competitors, we don't just settle after onboarding; we grow and change according to each customer's individual needs. By going the extra mile and putting in time and effort, we offer tailored services you won't find elsewhere.  

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