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Security Protocols  

NANIS Logistics does not believe in the one size fits all approach to security. Every facility is different, and every route comes with its own dynamics. Our professionals understand that preparation is key for a successful delivery. From outlining detailed transfer procedures to providing the most innovative security products, our complete service line of security protocols is customized to meet your company’s needs and ensure your valuables always remain safe.

Facility Assessments 

Comprehensive safety protocols warrant a visit to your facilities so that our professionals can ensure we’re implementing best-in-class service. Once on-site, our team will coordinate with your employees to develop a pickup plan that best suits your company’s practices while ensuring overall safety. This hands-on approach gives us the most accurate portrayal of how your company operates, allowing our delivery team members to create customized procedures.

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Documenting procedures is paramount to the success of a transfer. Our work isn’t considered finished until proper documentation is completed. Each facility must designate an employee to sign off on pickups with our team to ensure each of your deliveries is secured.

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Transfer Procedures 

Security is our priority. Your valuables will be handled with the utmost care from start to finish, which is why your facility assessment and planning are critical. Once your protocols are established with our team, upon arrival, they’ll be able to begin transferring your valuables into our vehicles for delivery automatically. Transfer procedures allow your team to continue their regularly scheduled work without any disruptions. Our goal is to make every one of our transfers so seamless it’s as if we weren't ever there.

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Advanced Fleet Technology 

Each of our vehicles is equipped with advanced technology to enhance the safe transport of your valuables from pickup to delivery. Notification updates offer both you and your receiver tracking information, giving you the whereabouts of your valuables at all times. Real-time tracking alerts relieve stress so you can focus on running your business. Additionally, each of our vehicles is equipped with live driver cameras offering a glimpse into the complete Illinois cannabis transportation process.

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