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Laboratory testing is a crucial step for most sectors in the cannabis industry by ensuring all products meet safety standards. State regulations require specific testing standards and compliance to be met before manufacturers, infusers, etc., can create, sell, and distribute their products to dispensaries or retail stores. NANIS Logistics helps bridge the gap between sample deliveries and customers, ensuring the valuables arrive in mint condition and ready for screening procedures.

What Do They Test For? 

When cannabis products are sent to laboratories for testing, they’re screening various things to ensure product safety and help with dosing. Laboratories can test for the potency and levels of THC or CBD in a product to help manufacturers guarantee those percentages. They can also test for the presence of unwanted contaminants, pesticides, and mycotoxins such as mold and mildew. Special testing can measure terpene content, which is naturally occurring chemical compounds that differentiate cannabis strains’ smells and tastes from another.



Business Handshake

Accredited laboratories are focused on meeting state regulations and requirements. Since marijuana legalization laws differ by state, so do the regulations that are set in place for cannabis products to meet compliance. While laboratories are busy meeting compliance, NANIS Logistics takes the administrative burden of also meeting and maintaining Illinois cannabis transportation compliance. We help our customers reduce the risks and costs associated with in-house transportation services such as: 


  • Fleet maintenance and upkeep

  • License and permit costs 

  • Liability and insurance 

  • Staff shortages

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • Improper handling and storage 


When your customers choose NANIS Logistics as their third-party transportation company, we ensure their valuables are handled with the utmost care, reducing the risk of damage or contamination. Receiving reliable, timely, and flawless valuables helps you stay on track with testing schedules while also reducing sample reorders and inaccurate screening results.

Lab Trips at No Cost!

NANIS Logistics offers FREE lab trips with our recurring transportation contracts. If your customer contracts with us, we’ll transport their samples to your laboratory at no cost on either end. Laboratories are often some of the first relationships cannabis businesses encounter. By recommending a secure transportation company like NANIS Logistics, you’re helping your customers remain focused on producing their valuables. Building a trusted partnership between you and your customers with NANIS Logistics is equally beneficial among all parties.

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