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Manufacturing is one of the cannabis industry's fastest-growing facets, turning cannabis flower into a variety of medicinal and recreational cannabis concentrates, including vape cartridges, live rosin, butter, and more. Manufacturers depend on reliable Illinois cannabis transportation deliveries from their cultivator partners, while also depending on reliable transportation to send out their own manufactured goods. NANIS Logistics understands the complexities that come with planning, making it easy for us to deliver for you.

Transportation Routes

Manufacturers need to both receive and send valuables. Cannabis flowers are the first step of transportation where the manufacturers utilize these to create a multitude of products. Once manufactured, the second source of transportation is needed, where cannabis concentrates are sent out to multiple retail stores and dispensaries. Both of these transportation routes are vital to the success of manufacturers. NANIS Logistics understands the complexities of coordinating both incoming and outgoing valuables. Our professionals make it easy to continue your operations without disruptions while we navigate and plan the details of manufacturers’ transportation and logistics

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Networking Advantages

Local Business Partners

The old saying “it’s all about who you know” stands true in the cannabis industry since it often comes with so many challenges. As a cannabis business license holder, especially in the state of Illinois, it’s easy to build and maintain connections with like-minded business owners who share similar experiences and industry knowledge. Once you establish a name for yourself, we understand the importance of maintaining your brand reputation. Who you source with is crucial to the sustained success of your manufactured goods. By covering transportation and logistics services across a variety of sectors, NANIS Logistics can help you establish valuable relationships with your vendors. We build the bridge between the products arriving at your facilities, and those leaving through reliable, efficient, and secure transportation. 

Proper Handling 

Our manufacturers transport a variety of products that often need specialized services, including temperature-controlled vehicles. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to effectively plan and deliver your valuables with ease. Additionally, our fleet is complete with fully insured vehicles ensuring comprehensive security for the entire route. NANIS Logistics drivers endure lengthy training and educational courses adding that extra layer of security and professionalism for all of our customers. We can take the hassle of transportation services off your plate so your team can focus on manufactured goods. 

Package Delivery
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