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About NANIS Logistics

Secure Cannabis Transportation Made Easy

NANIS Logistics is a secure cannabis transportation company that caters to the Illinois industry. Founded in 2019, our experts help companies establish custom transportation protocols to enhance reliability and security. We understand the importance of maintaining product standards, from cultivation to distribution and everywhere in between. Focusing on efficient and economical deliveries, NANIS Logistics ensures a seamless and secure process carefully crafted to meet the customer’s needs. By combining advanced security technology with our robust service offerings, NANIS Logistics is an industry leader in cannabis transportation, accommodating all cannabis, or non-cannabis, companies. 

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Meet Our Founding Team


Francisco Guzman

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Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Francisco Guzman has a diverse background in business development and management. His consistent drive to broaden his knowledge and explore new ventures has led him into the world of logistics and transportation. As a passionate advocate for cannabis as a safe alternative to more harmful substances, Francisco finds it important to support companies with secure and reliable cannabis transportation services across Illinois. Additionally, he has experience in several aspects of the industry, from cultivation to distribution, and understands the importance of maintaining quality product standards from farm to market.


Smart, funny, and humble, he uprooted from his hometown of Houston, Texas to pursue new projects and investments in Illinois. After meeting the love of his life in Joliet, he decided to make it his new home, where he's excited to continue growing the next chapters in his life.


Tarrah Martinez

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Marketing Director 

 Tarrah Martinez is the Marketing Director at NANIS Logistics, responsible for the vision, growth, and development of the NANIS Logistics brand. She is passionate about helping people understand secure Illinois cannabis transportation through her easily digestible materials. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn have drawn her to various industries and opportunities, leading her to branch out to competitive markets such as the ever-evolving cannabis industry.


With over ten years of experience in content marketing, she’s previously led a talented team of individuals in a fast-paced advertising agency, diving into the many aspects of the marketing world, including social media management, SEO strategy, digital and print writing, and communications. Tarrah holds both a Bachelor of Journalism, specializing in Magazine Print, and a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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